Accounting Software Packages

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Accounting Software for over 10 years, we've developed accounting software that is powerful yet intuitive, to give you the information and control your business needs. Off the shelf programs are bought as a package and usually offer only the most common functionality such as sales tracking, payroll, and taxes. QuickBooks and Sage are two examples of this type of software. Office supply stores like Office Depot and Staples sell these products and they can be uploaded to a computer without much specialized skill. Operating this software is fairly simple as well. Comprehensive accounting software packages (often referred to as ERP software) offer a few major benefits. The breadth of functionality means less need to support complicated inter-module integrations, which can greatly help to reduce support costs. Single systems also provide a consistent data-set, so that changes in one area of a system are reflected in real-time in others. Along with less duplication of work, a single data record can help improve transparency and remove interdepartmental bottlenecks

Our accounting software packages has been especially developed to be intuitive and super simple to use by incorporating: a new data setup wizard to start you off setting up your system; hover-over cell help to give you tips when you are unsure what to do; and intuitive button and function placing (identified through hand-eye movement studies) to help make doing your accounts quick and easy. We have even included an easy to use data import function from Excel to help ensure you have a smooth transition to Liquid. iCollection Mobile App. is the most recent example of subscription based accounting software package.