Accounts Receivable Management

How to better manage your accounts receivable accounting ?

Inefficiencies in your accounts receivable management functions can dramatically impact your business.If a company is not managing its accounts receivables, it faces a greater risk of not collecting the money on a timely basis or, even worse, not being able to collect on the funds at all.Managing your accounts receivable can be one of the most time-intensive duties your company faces, but it is also one of the most important functions

Three problems that seem to be the most common are short-pays, payment beyond terms and companies failing to pay because of economic difficulties. All three can become significant difficulties in a very short time.If a client is short-paying invoices, you are not capturing your full earning potential on the account. A client paying beyond terms will hinder your cash flow and potentially cause you to have to borrow to keep up with your financial responsibilities. And if you never receive payment from a client, you have not only lost the money associated with providing the goods or service, you also have lost the profit potential associated with the sale.

What technologies exist today that can help improve a company’s Account Receivable accounting function?

iCollection is the best accounts receivable accounting app for any accounting software it has unique system and helps to make robust performance to achieve organization goal by making faster inflow of money. By this way organization save time of account receivable module and foster more effectively and competently. This money management apps allow team work and makes well coordination of all parts of business.

This application will use to manage your account receivable records at your finger touch. You can get and share all receivable bills information across to your customers and employees to make process faster and easier. This application has unique features for money collection men to collect money through this application and synchronize data to your ERP or Accounting software, no matter what technology you are using for your business application. This application can be use anywhere because no need of internet at all time on your mobile. Once data will be synchronized at your mobile through cloud server then you can take this application as a data carrier anywhere in the world. This application helps allow you to give prompt answer and share instant information to the relevant persons of your business even you can call, email or whatsapp to the relevant person from this app also.