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iCollection- World First Concept of Total Automation of Account Receivable Process.Personal Finance Mobile app.
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When it comes to personal finance app., there are a lot of options available in the current information technology scenario. One can find best personal financial app as per their needs and requirements. There are so many segments itself in accounting to serve the purposes likes budgeting, customer management, order management, account receivable management and many more at accounting app for android. Among the all existing personal finance mobile app. iCollection mobile app is the best finance app for the android. iCollection enforce all advance features to cop up maximum manual hurdles in the practical world. One of the our personal survey say by using of this app it’s brake down almost 80% time of manual process and make cash flow faster in the business.

Personal Finance App Features

Easy to Operate Cloud Connectivity
Unique Sync. System Faster Performance
Calling Directly Sharing via WhatsApp, Email, etc.
Data Filters Highly Secured
Compatible with Any ERP, Account Software and Excel Files Work Sharing
Highly Efficient and Effective Interest Calculator
Receivable Ageing Analysis Agent/Broker wise Status
Customer Group wise Status Area wise Status
Customers Status Internet Not Required All The Time
Helps Collection men, Sales Persons, Accountants and Owners Control Panel

Managing accounts receivable with iCollection is easier than just about any other app from this segments. While it’s not the prettiest user interface, the learning curve in iCollection is very manageable. There’s a lot of attention to detail here that makes it easy to get up and running. For example, if you have multiple adjust multiple invoices/bills in one receipts with proper interest calculation, icollection accounting app for android will makes it very easy by just clicking on the invoices. It is the best finance app for android.