ERP accounting software

iC SAISUN SOLUTIONS provides erp accounting software for money collection man to collect money and synchronize data to your ERP or erp accounting software.

ERP solution and erp accounting software?

erp accounting software

Many small and medium sized companies may be thinking that it’s time to upgrade their business IT systems, but they’re not sure if they’re ready to go ahead and implement a full ERP solution, or whether they should go for a standalone accounting software product. Here, we explain the differences and attempt to help you decide which of the two you need. As the name would imply, an erp accounting package handles only the accounting business functions. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software handles an entire range of business functions covering functional areas like accounting and finance, professional services automation, HR and payroll, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), inventory and supply chain, project management and more.

Whatever the system is using from the organization whether it is ERP Solutions or erp accounting software one should keep in mind that it must follow the complete protocol of system approach. We have both solutions for small enterprise to use product named ifas which has range of solutions like erp accounting software to ERP solutions. Also having system integration solutions to get more mobility of business. Our iCollection Account Receivable Mobile app, Barcode Automation and cloud reporting are the examples of expertize and concrete efforts of the company.

iFAS is stand for iNTEGRATED FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING SYSTEM is ERP accounting software and mainly targeted to the small and medium size enterprises (SME). iFAS is innovative solutions will the benefit of cutting edge technology with very reasonable cost. iFAS gives the transformation of traditional business process with today’s fast moving industry. iFAS give the business to enhance its limit and expand to the next level of business. The unique feature of iFAS is the possibility of customization of modules with different components.